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Daniel Stucke


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Starting a new job is always a good point for reflection. I realised today I've been writing online for nearly 9 years, with that writing strewn across three websites, some self hosted, some on other platforms. Time to bring it all together, and to start writing again. I've learned a lot over recent years, none more so than the last 5 years of senior leadership, ironically I've written less and less in that time. 

So all my writing (2007-2008), (2008-2011) and (2011-2015) are now hosted here for posterity (although the old sites are up for record and to preserve the conversations that once floursihed in blog comments).

This site is published on Known. They offer a fantastic service at free and paid levels, with discounts for educators. Your writing is your data and is always available for you to download. You can blog from Known and also post to your favourite social networks whilst retaining ownership of that data. Their platform could make a fantastic platform for use in schools - do check it out.